The 2021 Sher Kung Summer Fellowship Application Period is now open!

We are currently seeking law student applications for the Sher Kung Summer Fellowship, a full-time, 10 week, paid position serving LGBTQ+ community legal needs. 
How to Apply
DUE DATE: February 24, 2021 or until filled

History of the Sher Kung Summer Fellowship

Since its founding, QLaw Foundation of Washington has been committed to providing meaningful opportunities to law students seeking to serve the legal needs of LGBTQ+ and HIV positive communities.  Beginning in 2007, QLaw Foundation offered grants to support law students who obtained unpaid summer internships with various LGBTQ+ civil rights organizations.  Beginning in 2016, QLaw Foundation pivoted toward funding host organizations to offer their own paid summer internships.  This change in practice served important equity needs by allowing law students the certainty of applying for summer jobs knowing they could afford to do the work that matters most to them.  As QLaw Foundation has grown and taken on staff, we can now support the Sher Kung Summer Fellow in-house, offering law students opportunities to learn client-centered lawyering and community advocacy skills through the LGBTQ+ Legal Clinic and Family Matters Legal Clinic.  We are incredibly proud of our many grantees - view them all here!

Sher Kung's Legacy

Sher Kung served on board of directors of both the QLaw Foundation and the QLaw Association from 2011-2013.  She was a leader on both boards, but her desire to help underserved communities reached beyond a single issue area and, sadly, beyond the time she was allotted on this earth.

Sher was killed on August 29, 2014, when she was struck by a vehicle while cycling to her job as an attorney at Perkins Coie.  She is survived by her beloved partner Christine Sanders, also a QLaw leader, and their beautiful daughter Bryn.

Sher brought humor, humility, and a love of her community to her work.  The Fellowship in her honor seeks to lift up law students who share those traits and are, as she was, prepared to lawyer bravely.

Sher Kung Summer FellowshiP

The QLaw Foundation Sher Kung Summer Fellowship is a 10 week, full-time, paid summer opportunity for a law student to work with QLaw Foundation serving the legal needs of the LGBTQ community.  To learn more about the life of Sher Kung, click here.